Friday, December 26, 2008

Shard Six - The Sound of Music

Hope you all had a great Christmas! (and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had a very happy December 25th!)

I'm feeling a little excited here. Not for anything that's happened so far, or anything that is (although some of my current art projects are looking very promising). No, I'm excited for what could be happening.
'Tis a new year fast approaching, and I'm feeling optimistic. More so then usual, I think. There's just so many things I can/could be doing, and I'm thinking there's a good chance at least a few of my plans will come to fruition.


As some of you may know (and even more of you probably don't), I'm quite a jack-of-all-trades. There's a lot of things I can do. Granted, I'm only good at a much smaller amount of things, but I don't suck at most of the others. I've always loved trying new things, and my gallery tends to show that a little bit. So far I've messed around with digital painting, digital and traditional drawing, CG-realism-style artwork, written work, abstract CG wallpaper design... and that's just the stuff I think is good enough for my deviantART gallery. I've also done watercolor painting (when I was younger), messed about with some 3D-work, I've made jewelery before, and I used to build scale models and little clay doodads and thingies. I haven't quite decided yet what my "main" style is, or will be, but I'm very proud of the forays I've made into other territories. (if you've never tried it, challenging yourself by trying art styles you've never done before is almost always a fun experiment, by the way.)

I'm an adult now; twenty, going on twenty-one. I'm looking to... not narrow down my art, but focus it more. There's a good chance my art will be more then just a hobby at some point. And I'm thinking 2009 is going to be a good year to both spread out and focus, all at once.

I haven't decided yet what to focus on (although it'll most likely be digital drawing/painting), but I do have some things I'd really like to branch out into.
Music, for one.
I've always loved electronic music; synthpop, electropop, techno, industrial, trance, dance... you name it. Hell, I even enjoy good, solid rock and classic rock every now and then, and occasional metal (recently became addicted to X Japan's I.V.). Not a big fan of country, but hey, I've even gotten some enjoyment out of that as well (you just need someone who knows a bunch about the genre to show you the right stuff to listen to, hehe).
What I've wanted to do for a while now is actually make music. I have a guitar, I have a piano, but I've never been particularly good with/interested in either. I'm horribly electronic-oriented. But keyboard, now that's something different. Keyboard Synthesizer, to be precise.
The Roland SH-201, to be entirely precise.
That's my wishlist for the upcoming year. Subject to change; I've yet to find anything that looks better then the SH-201 (from what I know, it's great for starting off, and groups like Ladytron use them professionally). There is the JUNO-G, which is also used by Ladytron, but that's nearly double the price. The SH-201 is six hundred bucks (I'm told that's a very good price for equipment of the type), which will take a while to earn up, but it's doable. Perhaps I'll have some music to share someday.




Anders said...

Interesting read! Hope you good luck in branching out, what is your gallery page/ portfolio?

Jioruji Derako said...

Hmm, I should probably put a link in a more accessible spot, if you didn't spot it. =D My gallery is on deviantART; Jioruji-Derako's profile.

Thanks for comment!

Stegosaurus Rex said...

Do it! Love keyboards!

Jioruji Derako said...

If I might ask, Stegosaurus Rex, what keyboard do you use? All I know is that it's a Roland. =D