Friday, October 17, 2008

mini-Shard One - The First (and probably Last) mini-Shard

What is it about "bedtime" that just makes people want to stay up? Right now, I'm too tired to go to sleep (which may explain this entry).

I really want to sleep as well; not because I'm tired, but because I have things I want to do. That's probably the problem; I can't stop thinking of my plans (ironic, how that's keeping me from doing them).

It's a rather interesting subject, actually, one I would like to expand on in a full entry (later). For now, I need sleep.

...and I hit my PSP's character limit.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Shard Three - Rolling With The Kicks

Let's start off with a picture, shall we?

Collab:25 - "Say hi" by =Jioruji-Derako on deviantART
That would be my current latest coloring; a collaboration with a great artist, for a contest held by said great artist. (go to the picture's description for links and whatnot.)
I'm quite proud of this one, surprisingly more proud of it a week after finishing it (normally time gives me chances to find mistakes).
Didn't win the contest, regrettably, but I'm still quite happy. I think I gave a few of the other entries a run for their money.


That out of the way, a simple personal update. You all love those, don't you? The inner workings of my life, always an exciting topic.

This past Saturday was a kicking seminar at my Aikido dojo; Sensei Rick Berry comes in from his dojo to teach offensive kicking and punching, something we normally don't cover in Aikido (being a defensive art). Quite a fun class; I got the breath punched out of me a few times, I accidentally punched myself in the lip (I didn't block a kick quite right), and I'm currently quite sore from the workout. But if there was a second seminar tomorrow, I'd probably go. It's that fun.

After the seminar, I headed over to my Sensei's house for a sleepover. I haven't slept over anyway in... I dunno, quite a few years. But it was quite fun. Played cards, doodled, and watched TV for pretty much the entire time. Took about an hour to fall asleep (I overestimated my ability to "go to bed" on command, and ended up thinking up things to say in this very blog entry). But I slept pretty well once I did manage to shut my mind down.

All in all, quite a fun weekend. Unfortunately, I don't get a chance to rest just yet; I need to head out tomorrow to get my voter registration finished up (sent in my registration two weeks ago, give or take a few days, but still not showing up in the registry). But I'll get to rest after that's all said and done.


Hmm, and one more new thing to show off! I've just gotten a new website set up; Fragmented Infinity, which iscurrently quite bare, but will end up holding character bios and storyline details for my original story of the same name. I'll get to have some fun with that one later when I launch into HTML and CSS editing on the layout. (and eventually it'll have some content too.) Consider this an advanced preview; I'll make an "official" announcement when the site's fully up and running (or close to it).