Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shard Five - Picking Up the Pace

*gasp!* A whole week past with no blog updates?!

...okay, so that's extremely normal for me. But the plan is to make that less so.
Not quite to the point of daily updates, certainly. I don't have nearly enough interesting things to talk about at this point in my life (although I would love for that to change). But weekly seems like a good, solid goal, eh. Even if they're short entries (or possibly even especially if their short entries).


Alright, to update from my last entry a bit, I've made slight progress on my art projects. Here's something I haven't mentioned; nearly every major project I've got planned is a giftart. A bunch of birthdays recently, and Christmas coming up, so it seems like a good time to exercise my artistic muscles. No spoilers, though. I'm not telling who's getting gifts, not until said gifts are finished. It's entirely likely I won't be able to finish a gift if I leak out the recipient (not by personal choice, simply by personal fault).

But one non-gift project in the works that actually looks to be getting somewhere is a complete style rework of Fragmented Infinity. If you check now, you won't see much; just the header has changed. No worries; that header is a mere preview. I know the resolution is quite cruddy, the "real thing" will look much better, is the plan.
Also, this blog will get the same treatment, eventually; I already dug around in the .CSS and HTML coding for the current theme, and I don't think it would be too challenging to rework my own theme for it all. Perhaps something that will match Fragmented Infinity, since they both share a bit of the same theme.


Ah, I think I had more topics to cover at this point, not just artwork. But 'tis late; I'm worn out, and set for bed. Perhaps whatever it was will come to me again later on.

I've actually got a question here, now. I'm still not quite sure how many people actually read this, but I'd like a little feedback here. (this doubles a bit as a "who's there" for me as well.) My question is my writing style. I'd like to think that just about everyone, myself included, has a bit of a unique style when they write. Sure, there are archetypes (some people stick to chatspeak exclusively, others enjoy expressive comments, with smiles and exclamations here and there, for example). If I had to place myself, I... don't think I could think of an archetype, but I'm quite sure I fit in one.
Anyway, what I'm asking for is just comments on how I write. is it wordy? Is it confusing? Is it enjoyable? No need to be specific, vague critique would actually be pretty appreciated.

The reason I ask is due to the Fragmented Infinity storyline. I've been making some good strides in the storyline, and it's starting to fill out a bit from plot point to plot point. But I'm still working on really filling out those "spaces" between the exciting bits, and curious to know if my normal, everyday writing style would translate well to an interesting story.

...you could just leave a comment saying you've been here, too, that's also greatly appreciated, actually...



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