Friday, January 30, 2009

Shard Seven - Getting the Stone Rolling

Alright, I may have mentioned this before, but I really want to get this blog updated fairly often. I think I set my standards too high when it comes to what constitutes "interesting content"; I don't like to post anything that's not big news.
A rolling stone gathers no moss; while I'd be happy to be gathering anything here, I don't think moss will read or leave comments. So let's give this stone a push, shall we.

I'd love to make this blog fairly active and interactive; I don't have to just talk about myself here, people. Got something interesting to share? I'd probably be happy to talk about it. Challenge me to write about new topics, and so on. So go ahead; drop me a line. My e-mail is Geo.deviant -at-, if for some reason you don't feel like leaving a comment.

But while I wait for the fan-mail to start pouring in, I suppose it would be great to have something for people to become fans of, eh. I'm going to attempt a "fresh start" more or less; we'll call the previous Shards just a warm-up, shall we. I really have tons of things I could talk about. I just need to stop, well, not talking about them.


Here's a fun topic; music. Lately, I've become increasingly interested in the whole music-creation aspect of it. I've always entertained the idea of making music, but that's about it; only entertaining the thought, not doing much about it.
Electronic music is my one love here. Certainly, I really enjoy lots of other genres (I started my musical journey with The Beatles, and I've gone through a few other waypoints of various genres since then), but nothing really stirs that creative spark in me like a solid beat and some trippy effects.
I'm listening to "Stress" by Justice as I type this; my foot is tapping, and my fingers want to be (they're currently occupied, obviously).

I just this night downloaded a trial of both FL Studio 8 (previously known as Fruity Loops), which is a quite complicated, but very interesting, music creation studio. I also have a trial of SONAR 8 waiting to be installed, and before that, I tried a trial of REAPER. I've been digging through video demos of various keyboard synthesizers; currently, the Nord Lead 2X is my favorite prospect, but before that, I was looking at the Roland SH-201 and the Korg microKORG (still thinking about the SH-201, and liking the microKORG's vocoder).
And, while not quite the same genre, I've been entertaining the idea of getting an electric guitar; that plan has been slowly losing my interest however, as I see my options in that get more and more limited (I'm a left-handed guitarist, and there's less lefty guitars then there are righty ones).

But I'm getting slowly buried by all this information. Beat and drum machines, synthesizer keyboards with everything from "bright" sounds to "growling" basslines... there's a lot of stuff out there, and it's tough to understand it all, especially when you're only just trying to jump into the art. I know almost exactly what sort of music I'd like to make, but I have little-to-no understanding of what exactly you need to make such music. Is that sound coming from a guitar, a keyboard, or some software? Hard to tell if you've never messed around much with any of the above.

But I hope to have it figured out eventually. I've got an entire band living next door (well, most of a band, I think they still need a vocalist). I've got experience with internet forums, at the very least. And I've got a Guitar Center not too far away, so I can ask questions when I head there.


...This topic actually took up more space then I expected. I don't plan to write this long every day, but hey, if I can manage that, I'll be pretty well-off, I'd say.

Hell, if I can manage to write every day, I think I'll be well-off. We'll try that, perhaps; I'll attempt to sit down and write at least a little bit each night or morning. It'll take a while to get in the habit, but I'd really like to get some more activity here, mainly from myself, but readers would be great as well.



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