Monday, December 1, 2008

Shard Four - Slowly But Surely

Ah, yes. 'tis been awhile since I posted here, despite my plans to use this often. I hope to change that a bit; I'm used to really thinking out every post I make almost everywhere, so I tend to avoid making updates if I don't have anything "exciting" to say.

But that's not to say I don't have new things to discuss (or older topics that I've never covered, or never covered enough). I plan to start making entries here on a more regular basis, even if I don't make them all gigantic (which is also a good thing, probably).


So, what to cover? We'll start with the world of art. I have a few projects, in various states; some projects which have been delayed, but in progress (I can think of three at the moment). Other projects are still in the planning stage, and may or may not end up coming to life at all. But hopefully at least a few will...
I forget if I've covered it before. I don't think I have, here. DAZ|Studio is a program I've added to my artistic toolbelt; it's a 3D model rendering program. Not to be confused with a 3D model creation program; Studio is only designed to pose and arrange pre-made models into scenes. But it's very good at what it's designed for. I use it as a base for some of my newer, original digital works. I can create the pose or scene I like using models in Studio, generally without textures, so that I can use the resulting render as a base for a digital painting or drawing. It's quite helpful, and gets me past the boundary of my limited anatomy-drawing skills (and adds to those skills as I go, to boot).
So far I've only finished one work in this manner, that being this giftart for a friendly Gaian and his girlfriend. It's not spectacular, in my personal opinion, but it's a good start. And I've been working my way up to some digital paintings of my original characters using the method. A stylistic painting of Myrkr will most likely be the first one finished, or perhaps a little something featuring my newest character, Lysa.


You may have noticed some links the the previous section. Let me explain those a bit. More importantly, let me explain where they go.
Fragmented Infinity is the storyworld I've been designing for quite some time now; it was previously known only as Vynaiocc, which had it's own MediaWiki website, but time passed, the storyline expanded to encompass more then just Vynaiocc (which is one of the worlds in Fragmented Infinity), and the VynaioccWiki eventually was shut down by the webhost (more or less by my choice).
Fragmented Infinity - the website - is a "normal" website design, instead of a Wiki-style one. I always wanted to try my hand at regular web design, and I lost the need for a Wiki-style design after a while as well. There's not much content on Fragmented Infinity at the moment, but it'll be expanded as time goes on, to contain character bios, a glossary of terms and other information, world info, and eventually, the story itself, most likely.


As far as personal updates, there's not much I can think of right now. I've been sick with a common cold for the past few days, but that's clearing up, I believe. Looking for a job (sort of) as well; I'm not out there filling out applications as much as I should be, but that's on my to-do list as well.
...there's an awful lot of things I plan to do, isn't there. I need to focus more on finishing what's in front of me, instead of sitting back and thinking up more projects...



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