Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shard Twelve - Of Holidays and Sicknesses

How many of you have missed me. No activity whatsoever for a full week. Surely that's not normal for me.
And it certainly isn't. I've spent the week laid out on the couch, with the flu. No computer at all for that period of time; can't think think straight enough to stand a bright screen, let alone write anything meaningful.

But I'm back now. Still lightheaded and working out a stomachache, but I'm just about done with that six-day long flu. Horay.


And just in time to talk about Valentine's Day. Happy V-Day to all of you, first off.
*accepts a few hugs*
Thanks. Now let's begin to complain, shall we.

It wasn't all that long ago, I remember Valentine's Day being the sort of day you'd get a handful of flowers for your girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe buy/bake some chocolates or cookies... spend the day hanging out.

Now I see commercial after commercial, all with the same message attached to different products... buy these $49.99 flowers, your girlfriend will love it. Buy this $79.99 teddy bear, your girlfriend will love it. Buy these pajamas, your girlfriend will love it. Buy these chocolates, your girlfriend will love it.
Somehow, it's only the boyfriend who needs to buy anything now. In most cases, it's insinuated that failure to buy such gifts will result in trouble. In nearly all the cases, it's insinuated that the girlfriend will be magically compelled to "put out" in return for the gifts. (the pajamas especially.)

I can understand the commercialism a bit, it's to be expected. People want to make money. But it seems like the whole point of the holiday has gotten lost even more so then most other holidays. The whole "love" theme seems to have been boiled down to the "make love" part.

I suppose I'm not much of one to be talking, having been single for all of my life so far. But I guess I'm a little old-fashioned; I'm not really liking this "new" relationship standard.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?




tsukijin said...

Oi, so this is your blog dude? ^^ I personally never quite got into the blogging scene as I usually have nothing to say about anything...

but as far as the relationship standards go, I've always understood that in the public eye Dudes are supposed to do all the buying of stuff and girls are supposed to do the receiving of said stuff.

That's why I've seen so many of my friends go bust in their relationships... mostly they seem to get sick of always paying for stuff... but whatever, we all know that paying for date-activities and gifts is going to be inevitable when you pair up with someone. :]

Jioruji Derako said...

yeah, it just seems like there's a better way to go about things. Guys buy expensive flowers and teddy bears because it's expected, and then the girls are expected to return the favor with sex.
Just seems like too many expectations to me.

tsukijin said...

well, yeah, but you have to admit things are way better now than they used to be. what with the women having to be basically slaves to their husbands back in the day.

I dunno, I'd rather like the way things are right now. of course it's not the same for every individual.

btw I think it's good to let us dudes know that we just cant demand for sex anymore, haha we actually have to work something out in order to get things done.