Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shard Ten - Shattered Schedule

Yes, yes. This entry is a day late.

...Or is it.
You see, my schedule is currently quite funked-up. For those of you who don't know me that well, I'm alternately an early bird and a night owl; more often then not, I'm almost completely nocturnal, while still attempting to follow a normal schedule.

Today, I got up at eleven P.M., having been up the entire night working on a bit of fancy wiki-coding (redesigning an infobox template for Bulbapedia, a rather large Pokémon wiki I'm a sysop on).
Technically speaking, if I go by my own awake/asleep cycle, I don't think this entry is late at all.

But enough excuses. I've got topics to cover. Just as soon as I can think them up.

...We'll be right back after this short line break.


Alright, I think I have a topic now.

Ever have so many projects that they all stop you from getting any projects done?
I do. Almost all the time. I'd list the various art and work-related projects I could be doing, but that in itself would be a rather large project. Just know that there's a good number of them.

On a slightly related note, I really dislike winter. Don't get me wrong, I love snow. I just dislike the cold.
If it's all snow-covered outside, then I'll happily bundle up and go sledding or just shovel the walkway. That's enough to warm me up and keep me amused.

But lately - the past three years or so - there's been hardly any snow. Just a good amount of freezing rain and occasional slush/ice. Not at all fun to go out in, so I spend most of the season trapped indoors.
Of course, when you can't do something, you tend to want to do it more. I really want to go outside. Perhaps ride my bicycle. Release some pent-up energy.

I enjoy when it's raining in the summer, that's not so bad. If you don't like the wet, sit inside and work on art until it gets sunny again. but in the winter, it's weeks, months before that sun starts to really shine again. After a while, you get sick of working on art and reading books.

That's why I have projects piling up, in my opinion. That's the reasoning I've come up with, at least. I can't prove myself wrong until spring, anyway.
"Seasonal art block", one might say. I could be working on music (messing about with trial programs), I could be learning more 3D modeling, I could be finishing up on multiple digital drawings and paintings, but my mind's just not in it.

...I don't think I have much of a point to this entry, today. Just something to keep me busy.
Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe you hate the heat, and love the winter? Tell me about it, I'm in the mood to listen to stories.



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