Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shard One - The First Shard

As the title may quite possibly suggest, this is the first entry out of what will most certainly be multiple entries.
Welcome to Shards of a Broken Infinity.

..."what is this all about?" you may ask. "is there some point to all of this? Why is the name like that? What's with the 'shards' theme? Are you, like, obsessed with Infinity or something? How old are you, really? Do you talk like this in real life? Will you sign my shirt?"
To which I'd have to respond, "slow down!" The answers to all of your questions will come in due time. Most of your questions, at the least. Although that is entirely dependent on your definition of "most". (I personally view it as the most convenient fraction of any given amount, which in turn depends on my definition of "convenient".)

Let me at least answer one question for now. What is this all about?
A whole lot of things, really. Important things? Probably not. Things you care about? That's debatable. Things I feel like writing about? Most definitely.

Think of it like a personal diary. A journal. Except it's not either of those (once again, that may depend on your definition of the words). At the very least, I plan to make this entertaining to read; at the most, I plan to have all of humanity in the digital palm of my hand, drinking in every last word I type. Really, I'll be happy to be anywhere in-between those two goals.

Geo - a.k.a. Jioruji Derako

P.S.: Oh, and of course I'll sign your shirt. Don't know why you asked though, you strange, strange person.
Hey! No! NO. You can not have a lock of my hair.


tsukijin said...

man, took quite a while to read through your posts, ^^ it's a lot easier to browse through art in DA.

but man, looks like you're having some fun with FL studio, I've been contemplating whether to get the demo or not, since I am starting to dabble in flash animation I need some music. ^^ and I found out that owners of licensed music could incarcerate me for ten years if I upload something without permission so I thought, might as well try making my own.

but the sad fact is, I suck at anything having to do with sound, I can't even hum a catchy original tune... so if I get the demo, I'll just basically stare at it, then do nothing. ^^ haha same thing happened when my brother lent me his electric guitar... it's back in his possession now, so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I checked Pandora Radio, but I'm still stuck with, I installed a toolbar in firefox that lets me instantly access my bookmarked stations so i don't have to type in the address bar... man, that makes me sound lazy. but I guess I really am.

well, anyways, I'm off to the comic store, there's an issue that I've been meaning to get for the past two months and I decided that today is the day. :]

Jioruji Derako said...

FL Studio is pretty fun to mess around with, I'd still suggest you try out the demo, even if you don't make much with it. You might surprise yourself. (I haven't yet, but you might.)

I actually play Pandora radio all the time, I use Google Chrome for that in the background, and use Firefox for regular browsing. I just set Pandora as the homepage for Chrome, so I start it up and it just starts playing right away. Pretty simple.